Poetic Justice


“Look at it this way.” Gabriel phases right through the seat, ends up sitting next to Dean in the front of the car. He folds his arms behind his head and tilts his head toward Dean. “You’ve run into Death already, right? And Fate. Some people are more than people, OK? I’m an archetype. There’s got to be me, somewhere. Someone’s gotta be the Trickster. Now, some poor schmo can get called up out of nowhere, or I can pick someone before I kick off entirely. So, I’ve picked someone.” He leans in, and his eyes glint that green-amber hue that Dean’s never been entirely sure how to characterize. “And it’s you, Dean.”

This is the kind of fanfiction that you set out to find, and you wade your way through dozens of okay fanfictions, and then you don’t find it, no matter how hard you look. And one day, some time after you’ve forgotten about that mission, you find it. And it’s beautiful. It’s also the kind of fanfiction with a premise that seems a little stretched, like maybe the author won’t be able to live up to the story they’ve promised, and you’ll end up sighing, maybe giving some kudos out of kindness, and leaving. Only a few of them live up to their promises. This is one of those few.

It feels Supernatural. It’s wonderfully descriptive, just enough to really paint the image in your mind. It gets the Winchester dynamic really well, down to the unnecessary secret-keeping. Small amounts of fluff exist here and there in the form of fun karma pranks on well-deserving people. An interesting contrast is defined between Gabriel’s and Dean’s interpretation of what a Trickster is, and what they should do. This divide leads to some tensions, which give us a nice little bit of angst. But the great portion of angst comes from Gabriel’s ticking timer, whose ring will send him back into oblivion. Smut/shipping begins about 2/3 of the way through. The characterization is believable. Not nearly as much violence or pain as you’d expect in an SPN episode, but there’s plenty of gratuitous violence in the recent seasons to compensate.

This is one of my favorite SPN fanfictions. An absolute mastery of this pairing and of an original concept.

Fluff: +++

Angst: +++

Smut: ++++

Overall Rating: +++++

Read it here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/246649


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