Night Like This

Night Like This

“We might not find them.”

Ludwig raised an eyebrow, a look of bemusement on his face. “Pardon?”

Arthur looked up at him from beneath his fringe, his head half tilted in Ludwig’s direction. “Others like us, I mean.” He sighed, running a hand through choppy hair which Ludwig had never seen him manage to tame. “How long did it take us to find each other?” he asked, voice more subdued than Ludwig remembers ever hearing it. “Centuries and longer and even then it was pure chance which brought us together. We’re walking blind and there’s no guarantee that we’ll ever find them, if they exist.”

Hetalia is one of the most versatile fandoms. I cannot tell you the amount of AUs, [insert adjective]![insert character name]s, and rarepairs that I have seen. Fortunately for me, there is a strong undercurrent of history in Hetalia, and I do love history. In the future, those who return to my site will see many historically-related Hetalia fanfictions. Be prepared.

Hetalia is also a fandom that is eternally confusing from the outside. What? Who’s this random character? Another one? Why are they hundreds of years old? And why do they speak in a ridiculous accent? Who are these people, and why are they writing stories about countries smooching? It’s all rather hard to explain. But suffice to say, the canon material is an anime/manga about countries, if countries were human, and if countries were very petty. The anime can be found in various shady, virus-ridden sites online, or on, with a subscription. As strange as it sounds, and as strange as it is, the story is actually quite entertaining. The English-dubbed version is especially wacky.

But even if you have not yet had the Hetalia experience, this fic is one to add to the reading list. It’s a fascinating concept: what if the countries didn’t start their story yelling at each other over a table? In ZaliaChimera’s Night Like This, the nations are born in obscurity, never recognized as the powerful beings they are, and never get to meet another of their kind. They blend in seamlessly with the people of their country, and live in solitude. Until, by chance, two nations happen to find each other. The next 35,000 words are a journey across a continent, in a spirit of desperate hope that they are not the only nations out there.

There’s a little fluff in the form of some side recreations. Let’s face it, not even immortal personifications of countries can work nonstop. Some angst, with occasional arguing between our protagonists, Ludwig and Arthur. Some shipping, but thus far, not much. It’s an unusual ship, but reasonably executed. In general, the concept is so amazingly and painstakingly done that any flaws are masked.

Once again, one of my favorites. Probably my favorite fanfiction in the Hetalia fandom.

Fluff: ++

Angst: +++

Smut: ++

Overall Rating: +++++

Read it! here:

I know, this is my second 5 star rating in a row. For these reviews, I will be selecting my favorites, my prize pieces of prose. You may see some seemingly generous ratings, but in truth, these are the best of the thousands of fics that I have read. But now, I must break a devastating fact to you about this particular story: this fic is not finished. However, there is hope! The last update was a few months ago. So maybe, if everyone who wants to read more bands into an unruly, clamoring mob, we can ‘persuade’ the author to do their duty and update their story.


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