Nature vs Nurture

Nature vs Nurture

“Because brain damage would have shown up in the brain scans?”  Lestrade might have been convinced if John, who switched or not at least remembered studying medicine, had been the one to speak.  As it was, he was mostly just weirded out by how uncertain Sherlock sounded.  It wasn’t the sort of tone Sherlock normally allowed.

“Sure,” John agreed confidently, which would have been more convincing if he hadn’t shared another silent conversation with Sherlock again first.

Then, before Lestrade could point out just how stupid it was to mess around with their own brains using a madman’s invention without a good deal more research into its safety, both men were heading for the door.  Once again, John was striding confidently ahead and Sherlock, who had the advantage of long legs and, apparently, still retained the ability to make his coat billow in an impressive manner, nonetheless was once again half a step behind.

This is another atypical fanfiction, and it is all the better for it.

Nature vs Nurture puts a twist on the traditional bodyswap. It’s not a simple bodyswap + shenanigans. Something in our heroes has changed, but it is something much subtler, something much more ethereal. Their bodies, their memories, and their minds are intact. And yet, there is something wrong. Experience a strange feeling of uneasiness as the actions of our favorite pair become muddled, as each does what we would expect the other to do. This fanfic puts into question what we attribute to memories, and what can be credited to the essence of a character. It sketches a line between mind and soul.

The philosophy and character-examination takes the place of fluff and smut. There is only a slight amount of angst, as our narrator, Detective Lestrade, worries over what has befallen his detectives, and if it is permanent. Despite (or perhaps, because of) its lack of fluff, angst, and smut, the introspection is fascinating. My only complaint: the story is not long enough. I wish that this topic could be explored further. Nevertheless, this fic is easily awarded 4 pluses. And, deserving of its own recognition: the title that is a sly reference to the age-old debate over what we control, what is beyond our control, and what controls us.

Fluff: +

Angst: ++

Smut: +

Overall Rating: ++++

Read it here:

In my opinion, there aren’t enough philosophical fanfictions. But for the few that exist, they deserve their own website, complete with their own introspective debates. Another idea, as ever, for a later time.


One thought on “Nature vs Nurture

  1. Amazing review!!!
    I had no idea how good the sherlock series fanfics was till I read this, I had always had some doubts about reading these things, (afraid of gay pornos), but now that I have read a couple of these I have a new look on them


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