The Devil’s Work

The Devil's Work

As he waited he looked out the window, which offered a decent view of much of the city. Good old New York, New York. The City that Never Sleeps, that was his kind of town all right. Well, he’d be doing some sleeping tonight. But he’d be up bright and early to get to work on making his own particular mark** on the city. Early to bed and early to rise, helps a demon dream up more wiles and lies, and all.

He began mentally planning how he’d spend his day. He’d hung around London too long; he’d forgotten how energizing it was to have a whole new city to work with—all the poor, unsuspecting people who had never even heard of Anthony J. Crowley. He smiled, his too-sharp teeth glinting in the light streaming in from streets outside. It was high time he introduced himself to the Big Apple.

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch is a humorous take on the apocalypse. It comes complete with angels, demons, knights of the apocalypse, and Queen’s Greatest Hits. It was published 26 years and 1 day ago. Despite the gap between its creation and the creation of the Internet, its fanfiction base flourishes, with new stories about our protagonists added each day. The book continues to draw in readers of all ages, with its clever references, witty banter, and innovative takes on an ancient idea. The Devil’s Work is very loyal to the canon; it even comes with footnotes. This fanfiction actually plays off of a line from the book:

And then, of course, it had seemed even natural that they should, as it were, hold the fort for one another whenever common sense dictated. Both were of angel stock, after all. If one was going to Hull for a quick temptation, it made sense to nip across the city and carry out a standard brief moment of divine ecstasy. It’d get done anyway, and being sensible about it gave everyone more free time and cut down on expenses.

Because what are Heaven and Hell truly, if not eternal, occult occupations trading in souls? A pickpocket for a philosopher, a cheat for a charity worker, a serial killer for a saint. It’s an interesting topic, the impersonal switching of the duties of corruption and purification. Personally, I would consider it immoral to agree to do a demon’s work, even if the demon also agrees to do mine. And certainly the angel objects, but not for long, because they both have business to attend to and they might as well get it over with. Neither is particularly enthusiastic about doing good/evil, but both have been around long enough to distance themselves from their assigned work. And neither the angel nor the demon are your stereotypical heavenly/helly beings, as readers discover every time they learn something new about the pair.

In particular, this fanfiction provides remarkable insight into the mind of Anthony Crowley, aka the snake of Eden. Incredibly irritating, and yet, infuriatingly likeable, Crowley is a one of a kind demon. Athousandelegies captures Crowley perfectly in a footnote: In reality his “mark” tended to be more similar to that which an alcoholic with a fondness for pranks might make—a bit of havoc, some spilled wine that left people shaking their heads resignedly, but no major harm done. Follow Crowley through the US as he endeavors to make everyone’s day a little bit worse.

Crowley’s adventures make up a large portion of the fanfiction, and so earn it a fluff rating of 3. In Crowley’s inner monologue, we find some sad reflections, and a shade of tearjerker. There is no shipping in this case.

Engrossing, witty, heartbreaking, The Devil’s Work is a delightful read.

Fluff: +++

Angst: +++

Smut: +

Overall Rating: +++++

Read it here:

This is an example of a fanfiction in desperate need of recognition, with a measly 38 kudos. For those unfamiliar with Archive of Our Own, that number is paltry; I once wrote a story less than 500 words, and it earned me over 60 kudos. I implore you, even only for charity’s sake, follow the link and appreciate something that deserves so much more.


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