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The encryption was simple. Horribly simple. So simple that Nick is convinced that if they brought along the mutant, Strong, he’d be able to hack into this thing. At times like these, it was easy to relax and just observe. Being a detective and a robot, it was easy to stand by. To fade into the shadows and be forgotten for just a bit. To watch the world around you and notice the details most people don’t. And when Nate is too distracted, it’s horribly easy to observe him. Nick likes to hope that Nate hasn’t noticed that the synth’s eyes were less focused on the screen and more focused on the human in front of the screen.

A two-way take on a relationship.

Fluff: ++

Angst: ++

Smut: +++

Overall Rating: +++

Read it here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5277560

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