The Enemy’s Gate is Down

Displaying The Enemy's Gate is Down.png

“I will enter the conflict before the invasion is over—”

America looks up at Russia through his glasses, grins and flashes as many of his teeth as he can. “Who said anything about an invasion?”

It’s working. Russia doesn’t shrink back, exactly, he still keeps his hand on the side of America’s head and his other hand tightens on America’s shoulder, but the weird glint in his eyes dims. “You will not invade?”

“Don’t need to.” America jams his thumbs in his belt loops, arches off the wall and thrusts his hips forward the way he used to back in the 1890s when he swaggered around the West. “I’ve got something that’ll end the war for good.” That’ll end all wars for good, maybe. “And Japan can’t stop it,” he finishes. Can’t stop it, can’t block it, can’t do anything about it at all. If Japan’s going to be stubborn, if Japan’s not going to end this on his own and let them all go home, then America will do it for him, and he’ll do it before Japan guts himself for having lost or something.

Charged with WWII history and tension.

Fluff: +

Angst: ++++

Smut: ++

Overall Rating: +++++

Read it here:

Displaying America and Russia11.png



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