A Little Problem at Stark Tower

Displaying A Little Problem.png

“Assuming future human time travel is out…” begins Bruce softly, still rocking tiny Phil.

“Objection,” interrupts Tony. “I’ve never believed in making that assumption.”

“Assuming, for the sake of argument,” continues Bruce, “that future human time travel is out, we’re looking for some kind of quantum-level disturbance that is beyond our current power to create.”

“Just to be more specific than some kind of quantum-something whatever,” says Barton, “are we talking mind-controlling aliens-slash-demigods here?”

Bruce shrugs carefully. “It’s possible.”

“And by mind-controlling aliens-slash-demigods, are we talking about Loki?”

“It’s possible.”


Natasha pats him briefly on the arm. Everyone looks slightly discouraged.

“I’ll be honest,” says Tony, “I don’t really have a plan C.”

“You didn’t really have a plan B,” points out Steve.

“That is also true,” agrees Tony.

His phone rings. It’s Fury. He wants to know if Tony knows where the hell Coulson is. Tony says, “He’s here. He’s saving me from drugs and hookers,” and hangs up.

Tiny Phil is not saving anyone from drugs or hookers. He is asleep.

A hilariously-written de-aging fic.

Fluff: +++++

Angst: +

Smut: +

Overall Rating: +++++

Read it here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/401112

Displaying Coulson.jpg


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