Working Nine To Five

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“Here’s the plan of attack,” said Steve. “Thor, front and centre, let them focus on you. Tony, flank right, engage anyone who looks like they’re taking too much interest. Bruce and I will execute a pincer movement and retrieve the package.”

“Roger that,” said Bruce. Tony rolled his eyes.

“Really, Bruce? You’re enabling his soldier fantasies, you know that, right? Right now it’s under control, but before you know it he’s going to be waterboarding people and killing babies.”

Steve’s face got its Tony Stark is talking about the army look, but he was a professional (three years in the Reserves), so he just said, “Let’s focus on the mission at hand.”

“Fine,” said Tony, “but I refuse to synchronise watches.”

Donuts and phlint.

Fluff: +++++

Angst: +

Smut: +++

Overall Rating: ++++

Read it here:

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