Working Nine To Five

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“Here’s the plan of attack,” said Steve. “Thor, front and centre, let them focus on you. Tony, flank right, engage anyone who looks like they’re taking too much interest. Bruce and I will execute a pincer movement and retrieve the package.”

“Roger that,” said Bruce. Tony rolled his eyes.

“Really, Bruce? You’re enabling his soldier fantasies, you know that, right? Right now it’s under control, but before you know it he’s going to be waterboarding people and killing babies.”

Steve’s face got its Tony Stark is talking about the army look, but he was a professional (three years in the Reserves), so he just said, “Let’s focus on the mission at hand.”

“Fine,” said Tony, “but I refuse to synchronise watches.”

Donuts and phlint.

Fluff: +++++

Angst: +

Smut: +++

Overall Rating: ++++

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A Little Problem at Stark Tower

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“Assuming future human time travel is out…” begins Bruce softly, still rocking tiny Phil.

“Objection,” interrupts Tony. “I’ve never believed in making that assumption.”

“Assuming, for the sake of argument,” continues Bruce, “that future human time travel is out, we’re looking for some kind of quantum-level disturbance that is beyond our current power to create.”

“Just to be more specific than some kind of quantum-something whatever,” says Barton, “are we talking mind-controlling aliens-slash-demigods here?”

Bruce shrugs carefully. “It’s possible.”

“And by mind-controlling aliens-slash-demigods, are we talking about Loki?”

“It’s possible.”


Natasha pats him briefly on the arm. Everyone looks slightly discouraged.

“I’ll be honest,” says Tony, “I don’t really have a plan C.”

“You didn’t really have a plan B,” points out Steve.

“That is also true,” agrees Tony.

His phone rings. It’s Fury. He wants to know if Tony knows where the hell Coulson is. Tony says, “He’s here. He’s saving me from drugs and hookers,” and hangs up.

Tiny Phil is not saving anyone from drugs or hookers. He is asleep.

A hilariously-written de-aging fic.

Fluff: +++++

Angst: +

Smut: +

Overall Rating: +++++

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Ordinary Cats

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Everyone is surprised by Clint’s reaction to Jailbreak and Fendi.

For someone so allied with birds he seems to emit some sort of feline peace forcefield that renders the lounge into neutral enough territory that the spoiled, prissy, aging Fendi (Steve hadn’t had the heart to change her name. Tony delights in calling her ‘Handbag’) and the more adventurous Jailbreak can tolerate each other.

Usually they tolerate each other in piles on top of Clint, making a game of joining him in whatever unlikely perch he finds, and when Tony finds the three of them on top of the lounge refrigerator, with Clint aiming Jailbreak’s front half at a ‘large insect with too many legs to be legal’, he just refills his coffee and leaves.

Cute and funny.

Fluff: +++++

Angst: +

Smut: +

Overall Rating: +++

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Change is Hard (and Harder, so much Harder)

Change is Hard

“Listen you dumb punk and listen well. You gonna join my team or not? And think long and hard before you answer because despite your attempts to push me away I don’t trust your jerk ass to keep yourself alive long enough for us to get through this war and get the effects of this serum reversed. So suit up or shut up. C’mon,” and her tone turned a bit playful at this, a bit like the Stevie you once knew. “Don’t you wanna follow Captain America into battle? See what adventures we could have?”

You look down at your beer for a long time. Contemplate the foam head, the sweat on the glass. Think. “Nah,” you finally say, but you’ve got a small smile on your face. Maybe this will work. Maybe you can make it work. “But that little gal in Brooklyn too stupid to know when to quit?”

You look up at her, unable to help the adoration from coloring your eyes. “Guess I’d follow her anywhere.”

An Alternate Universe (AU) is defined in my Glossary as a story that takes only the bare essentials of the story, and exists almost entirely independent of canon. AUs draw off of characters and their perceived personalities, but place them in a new setting separate from canon. This is often done for shipping purposes. Settings range from historical to modern day  to space to bands to high schools to coffee shops to abstract ideas. The structure of an AU is odd in that it expects that a character will still act the same way as always, despite them having lived under entirely different circumstances. Nevertheless, an AU can provide a valuable insight into a character, by suggesting alternate ways in which a character could develop in the same fashion, or by presenting a new twist on the character, brought about by a setting that could never have been achieved in canon.

Well, that’s all nice and good, you say, but how about an example of a valuable insight? Your point is a bit lacking when I have no story to connect it with. Fear not, wait not, search for another fanfiction not, dear reader, for I have an example.

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