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“Will I see you again?” The native human asked, and Arthur opened his mouth to tell him, no, but found that he simply could not.

“Perhaps.” England said tentatively. “It’ll be hard, today is the day that our whole ship is unloading. In all reality, it’ll be hard for you to find me other again.”

“B-But, you could find me again, right?” the man said, grasping at the thin hope Arthur had given him.

In the background, Arthur could hear Doris Day singing, “You won’t admit you love me, and so, how am I ever, to know, you only answer: perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.”

Arthur looked to him sadly. “Perhaps.”

In which nearly everyone has forgotten Alfred, including himself.

Fluff: ++

Angst: +++

Smut: ++

Overall Rating: +++

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The Enemy’s Gate is Down

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“I will enter the conflict before the invasion is over—”

America looks up at Russia through his glasses, grins and flashes as many of his teeth as he can. “Who said anything about an invasion?”

It’s working. Russia doesn’t shrink back, exactly, he still keeps his hand on the side of America’s head and his other hand tightens on America’s shoulder, but the weird glint in his eyes dims. “You will not invade?”

“Don’t need to.” America jams his thumbs in his belt loops, arches off the wall and thrusts his hips forward the way he used to back in the 1890s when he swaggered around the West. “I’ve got something that’ll end the war for good.” That’ll end all wars for good, maybe. “And Japan can’t stop it,” he finishes. Can’t stop it, can’t block it, can’t do anything about it at all. If Japan’s going to be stubborn, if Japan’s not going to end this on his own and let them all go home, then America will do it for him, and he’ll do it before Japan guts himself for having lost or something.

Charged with WWII history and tension.

Fluff: +

Angst: ++++

Smut: ++

Overall Rating: +++++

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Night Like This

Night Like This

“We might not find them.”

Ludwig raised an eyebrow, a look of bemusement on his face. “Pardon?”

Arthur looked up at him from beneath his fringe, his head half tilted in Ludwig’s direction. “Others like us, I mean.” He sighed, running a hand through choppy hair which Ludwig had never seen him manage to tame. “How long did it take us to find each other?” he asked, voice more subdued than Ludwig remembers ever hearing it. “Centuries and longer and even then it was pure chance which brought us together. We’re walking blind and there’s no guarantee that we’ll ever find them, if they exist.”

Hetalia is one of the most versatile fandoms. I cannot tell you the amount of AUs, [insert adjective]![insert character name]s, and rarepairs that I have seen. Fortunately for me, there is a strong undercurrent of history in Hetalia, and I do love history. In the future, those who return to my site will see many historically-related Hetalia fanfictions. Be prepared.

Hetalia is also a fandom that is eternally confusing from the outside. What? Who’s this random character? Another one? Why are they hundreds of years old? And why do they speak in a ridiculous accent? Who are these people, and why are they writing stories about countries smooching? It’s all rather hard to explain. But suffice to say, the canon material is an anime/manga about countries, if countries were human, and if countries were very petty. The anime can be found in various shady, virus-ridden sites online, or on, with a subscription. As strange as it sounds, and as strange as it is, the story is actually quite entertaining. The English-dubbed version is especially wacky.

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