This is a notification that I will be switching my main portal for fanofiction to tumblr.

I originally chose WordPress for this site because of its easy customization and free analyzing software, services that were somewhat unique, and very helpful in telling me when and where any viewers were coming from. But it has become clear to me that this is not a priority.

A center for a community requires the presence of a community, and I feel that I can interact better with fandoms on a site like

The challenge of building bridges is not aided by appearing to be arrogantly aloof from the community by being on an entirely different platform, or by simply being in a place where few can find you. Perhaps one day, if there is a greater precedent for fanfic recommendation sites, I will have an independent site like this one. But it is simply not practical or reasonable at the moment.

So, for anyone who has seen this site and would like to see more:

See you on the other side.